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Government Funded Training

Skilled Workplace offers practical, competency based workplace training / traineeships, designed to be flexible and able to be tailored to your specific workplace needs. Training can be delivered in order to achieve your organisations particular requirements and desired outcomes with reduced impact on normal business activities.

We can deliver training / traineeships in Business , Retail , Warehousing   and Road Transport.

Traineeships are employment-based training programs facilitated in your workplace and are usually completed within two years. Training programs consist of competency-based units that focus on the trainee's ability to perform specific job related tasks. Delivery incorporates the practical nature of the job in the workplace. On successful completion, traineeships result in nationally accredited and recognised qualifications.

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Traineeships are a government funded initiative designed to encourage employers to train and develop their staff to pre-determined industry standards. Financial incentives are available to employers who provide access to training for employees through traineeship programs. Eligibility criteria do apply.


Many employers are unaware that their existing employees may qualify for government funding.


An individual training plan will be developed in conjunction with your company for each trainee.  


Government Funded Courses


Skilled Workplace can deliver government funded training to eligible applicants through the following courses:


§                 BSB41004 Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management).

§                 WRR20102 Certificate II in Retail Operations.

§                 WRR30202 Certificate III in Retail Operations.

§                 TDT20102 Certificate II in Transport and Distribution (Warehousing and Storage).

§                 TDT30102 Certificate III in Transport and Distribution (Warehousing and Storage).

§                 TDT20202 Certificate II in Transport and Distribution (Road Transport).

§                 TDT30202 Certificate III in Transport and Distribution (Road Transport).


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